Thai Yoga Body Work

Thai Yoga Backbend

Thai Yoga Bodywork is an ancient and sacred healing art with deep roots in yogic and Buddhist practices.

As a uniquely diverse and powerful healing modality it provides a deeply rejuvenating and transformational experience for both recipient and the practitioner.

Thai yoga bodywork combines the alignment of the breath, yoga stretches, joint mobilization, soft tissue manipulation, rhythmic rocking, acupressure and energy balance. This relieves muscular tension, increases
circulation and restores your body’s balance.
Other benefits of Thai Yoga Bodywork are relief from multiple ailments ranging from asthma and migraines
to anxiety, stress and depression.

Thai Yoga Bodywork is done on a firm Futon-like
mattress on the floor. The recipient lies on the mattress on his/her back for half of the time, and on the belly for the other half. Legs, hands and feet of the practitioner can be used to manipulate the body and limbs of the recipient. Loose, comfortable clothing is required.
Sessions are one hour. I will include aromatherapy upon request at no extra charge.

Thai Yoga Bodywork is NOT recommended for people with severe injuries of the spine.

Juliana trained at the Open Center in NYC in 2013 with Jonas Westring, founder of Shantaya Yoga and Bodywork School.

Thai Yoga – 60 minutes – $120.00

Thai Yoga  – 90 minutes – $180.00

Thai Yoga and Restorative Yoga – 90 minutes – 160.00

Thai Yoga and Positional Therapy – 90 minutes – $180.00*

Thai Yoga and Meditation – 75 minutes – $150.00

*Recommended for people with muscular pain