What people are saying about Juliana Pilates:

“Juliana is a knowledgable, gentle instructor who, through her extensive understanding of the human body, is able to effectively work around my physical issues. I am so very happy with how strong I have gotten working with her over this past year.” Kimberly Marcus, Tarrytown, NY

“I’ve been working with Juliana for several years now and I can honestly say that it has changed my life!  Before coming to her, I was 45 lbs. heavier with no consistent exercise plan and badly hindered by arthritic knees.”

“Now, all that has changed! I’ve been working out with her 3  times a week with regularity which has not only improved my posture, flexibility, and core strength, but also helped me to lose weight and stay toned doing so. In addition, she managed my rehab from double knee replacement surgery, enabling me to make a full recovery in record time!”

“She also excels in techniques for stress management, showing me how to relax through meditation and utilizing hands on stretching with Thai yoga massage. Juliana has helped me in more ways than I can even say and now I’m proud to call her my good friend too. Juliana, you rock my world!” —Dorothy Kresz, LCSW, Tarrytown, NY

“Juliana is an absolutely fabulous teacher who tailors each class to her students needs and she always pushes you to be your best!” —David Janes

“Juliana is a highly skilled Pilates instructor, very encouraging teacher and a wonderful human being.  I started Pilates with her 11/2 years ago as a newbie and since then she has deftly guided me through progressively more challenging moves.  Today my core feels much stronger than it did and I am in tune with how my body moves.  I couldn’t be happier!” –Wendy S., New York, NY

“I have taken Yoga with Juliana for 15 years. When she started teaching Pilates on Reformer I signed up immediately. Juliana tailored the session for me so that it was slow, relaxed, but intense. It seems like the kind of thing that could be high-powered if you wanted it to be. Juliana brings her many years of experience teaching both Yoga and Pilates on mat to the Reformer to provide a well rounded and safe workout.” —Maria I., Tarrytown, NY

“I was always afraid to do Pilates because I have neck and back injuries, but I spoke with Juliana Santos and started taking her classes. She is a wonderful instructor. She works around my injuries and it has benefited my healing. I take her class every week and I feel stronger.”
“I enjoy it!! Thanks Juliana for your patience.” —Elizabeth M., Ossining, NY

“Juliana’s pilates class is an amazing way to get lean and strong while having a great time. Juliana is a great teacher and she brings her expertise and joy to every class. Finding this class has changed my life.” —Barbara Hood

“My Thai Yoga Bodywork session was an incredible experience. Juliana’s ability to stretch my muscles and at the same time make me feel at peace with body and mind was simply amazing. I left my session feeling balanced and rejuvenated.” —Darlene Hutchinson, Tarrytown, NY