Integrated Positional Therapy

Integrated Positional Therapy is a program designed by Albert Lee based upon the osteopathic techniques of Strain-Counterstrain and Muscle Energy Technique, for pain management. 

Strain-Counterstrain Technique  is a gentle technique that places the body in a position of comfort for a period of 60 seconds which allows the body to reset its muscles to normal. This technique requires clients to do nothing but relax while the therapist slowly moves some part of that patient’s body into a position that eases the pain. Read more about Strain-Counterstrain Technique.

Muscle Energy Technique is a gentle non-invasive form of stretching designed to restore optimal function to joints whose normal range of motion has been compromised by shortening and/or spasm of the muscle surrounding those joints. Read more about Muscle Energy Technique.

Juliana posing