Two Important Plank Exercises

The Regular Plank is one of the best exercises for core conditioning.

It also works on gluteus  and hamstrings.

The Side Plank works muscles in your  core. It strengthens abdominal and back muscles, gluteus and adductor muscles.

When you don’t have time to workout, just do a couple of planks on the floor. They can be done on the Reformer or on the floor.

You can watch the video below for some examples of these two exercises.

Have fun!

Eat Healthier

The best food you can eat

Do you avoid starches because you have heard that they are fattening? You may be surprised to learn that the complex, natural starches found in whole grain such as brown rice or whole wheat, and in vegetables,are in reality the best foods we can eat. Natural foods, which contain complex carbohydrates, are energy foods.Compare with proteins or fats, complex carbohydrates provide the body with more easily usable fuel for energy, and leave behind fewer waste products.

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Important nutrients that you should add to your daily meals

Flax Seeds – Rich in Omega 3, fatty acids, fiber and antioxidants

Wheat Germ – Rich in Vitamin E,  folic acid, phosphorus, thiamine, zinc, iron, magnesium and omega 3.  It is an excellent source of fiber

Sesame Seeds – Not only are sesame seeds a very good source of manganese and cooper, but they are also good source of calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorous, Vit B1, zinc and dietary fiber. Sesame seeds contain 2 unique substances: sasamin and sesamolin. Both substances belong to a group of special beneficed fibers called lignaris, and have been shown to have a cholesterol lowering effects in human, and to prevent high blood pressure.

Oat Meal – High content of complex carbohydrates, and water-soluble fiber that encourages slow digestion and stabilizes blood-glucose levels. It contains B vitamins, phosphorus and magnesium.